English, english everywhere.

    It's so weird to think in English and want to write in English, while I'm listening music in Spanish! (it's always the opposite).
    Sometimes I spend all day thinking in English, talking with myself and having every type of conversations with nobody. It's really intresting and it helps me a lot to apply what I learn in the university. It's also a really good strategy.
    I should do this more often. I love to write and it's amazing to find this oportunity to practise.
    Well, right now I feel that I have a lot of spelling mistakes, but I think that is a good beginning.

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Marie Blue dijo...

Yo también tengo conversaciones sola en ingles! ajjajaaj
Y pienso mucho en ingles, pero ya es porque escucho mucha música en ese idioma (La mayoría)
me dio pereza escribir el comentario ne ingles ajajaaj soy muy perezosa, pero entendí tooodo tu escrito! Sigue practicando el ingles. <3


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