7/6 The dead weather ksdlkf ("The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother (with lyrics)")
18/6 We are the in crowd ghfghfgjfhj ("We Are The In Crowd - Rumor Mill (Official Music Video)")
¿? The subways (buscar otra canción) fgsghsdfhsdh ("The Subways - Oh Yeah - Official Video")
¿? Tegan and Sara fdsgfsdgdfhg
24/06 Sleeping with sirens ("Sirens - All My Heart (Sub Español)") gdfhdfhdg ("Sleeping With Sirens - If You Can't Hang (Sub-Esp) HD")
The academy is... fsdgsfdgsdfgh
Cobra starship
call it what you want
The thing things
The killers
1/7 Tonight alive ("Tonight Alive - Breaking & Entering")
1/7 Call Atlantis ("Call Atlantis - Past Regrets, Future Threats (Official Music Video)") -

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